Haute Couture

Spring Summer Collection 2023

The ANICY MANUGUIAN Couture 2023 collection is subtly inspired by a faint memory of the 1950s and 60s with a delicate look at the silhouette of the Jackie O who was wearing soft dresses for the time, evacuated pure lines and geometric shapes that remind us of a generation of modern women in full expansion.

At the same time we wanted to recover in our hand made knit line shapes and colors that remind us of the 50’s with volumes of wide skirts, fantasies in the points and the memory of a feminine woman who highlights her curves with subtle elegance.

The colours we have developed for our collection navigate in pastel, lavender, pink, camel, apple green and nude tones, taking our palette of colours to a spring and delicate state full of freshness, elegance and small citrus touches that give our collection a feminine and delicate image.


This collection takes the female silhouette to a state of elegance and sophistication in which the forms are enveloped by soft textures in fabric of natural fibers such as silk and noble materials of the first world level, mixed with details and finishes in hand embroidery with SWAROVSKI crystals, knitted fantasy, hand made macramé, orquilla, stick and crochet, as well as the development of various manual techniques in a single garment, each one of them being a unique and unrepeatable piece dedicated to a woman.