Design and made to fit; 25 years of experience

Most of the designs in the Bridal and Haute-Couture Collection of Anicy Manuguian can be made to fit, inspired by a certain dress in our catalog or developed especially for the customer.

For custom service, please contact Anicy Manuguian, our designer, at the phone number posted on our website, or complete this form with your name, e-mail address and phone number, together with an explanation of the design or idea that you would like, the type of product and the occasion.
We will get back to you promptly. Please note that our dresses are entirely hand-made. All embroidery is by hand, and Swarovski crystals are hand-sewn. It is therefore recommended that you place your order 4 months in advance.

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    Schedule your meeting

    For a tailored fit, fittings must be scheduled as time slots become available. If you are outside of Santiago or Chile, we can hold virtual fittings via Zoom to advise you.

    All price estimates of garments tailor-made by Anicy Manuguian will be sent directly to each customer after the design has been decided. Work will begin only after the customer approves the price estimate.