“My collections include haute couture designs woven by hand with natural fibers such as baby alpaca or silk. This is the new conscious fashion, not disposable. It is the new sustainable luxury.””.
Anicy Manuguian

Natural Fibers

Baby Alpaca, Pima Cotton and Viscose Rayon

The entire collection, both ready-to-wear and haute couture by designer Anicy Manuguian, is made and hand-made with selected natural fibers. Baby alpaca wool, with great elastic capacity and thermal power; pima cotton, more resistant and durable, and viscose-rayon, a fiber appreciated for being soft, fresh and ecological.
We follow the line of conscious fashion.

Anicy Maniguian

Fashion designer

Claudia Anicy Manuguian specializes in Prèt a Porter and weaves by hand with natural fibers. Each unique piece is born from ancestral production techniques renewed to a contemporary design for the modern woman.