Spring - Summer 2024


The RENACER collection is born from an aesthetic vision that shares inspirations that come from the Renaissance to part of the 70’s and 60’s, including diverse aesthetic visions that come together in a single product that seeks to transmit sophistication and elegance with a unique seal. We rescue from the renaissance impressive embroideries made on bridal gowns, as well as brocades and lace that show the textile development of the time.

Then we move on to the 60’s where we are captivated by a linear and simple silhouette that we use to transmit some of the styles of that time in the shapes used for our proposals.

We researched the floral development of the 70’s in both prints and colors that show an era full of energy and color with a strong sense of freedom typical of the hippie era, intense red with touches of yellow, orange, lime yellow, intense blue, pink, nude and skin are part of our Spring – Summer 2024 color palette.

Taking into account all these beautiful aesthetic inspirations we decided to take some icons of beautiful women who have determined a symbol of elegance and sophistication in our history as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Jacky Kennedy who convey elegance, style, strength and stand out as women who have been able to convey a message and leave a magnificent legacy of talent, creativity, and feminine delicacy.

RENACER seeks to identify with the modern, bold and sophisticated woman who seeks to create for herself a unique and unrepeatable style that identifies her and makes her feel special; RENACER mixes color, shapes, embroidery and hand weaving techniques that merge to be reborn towards a new expression and aesthetic vision that feels comfortable in the search for the unique, facing the summer with color and joy for the arrival of the sun’s energy that covers us and transmits that warmth that fills our lives with positive energy and light.

I wanted to dedicate this collection to my life experience during my battle against cancer since the year 2023, to be able to transmit to everyone the importance of love for oneself, for life and for everything that surrounds us.

To share with you my life experience with suffering, love and rebirth from a positive point of view that gathers all these emotions in a single name RENEWAL.

Being diagnosed with cancer was a hard and very difficult blow that changed my life completely, from my point of view about death, to life itself, to how to face the future.

We always think that we are passing through this life because it is the natural evolution of the human being, but we never think that something serious can shorten our life at any moment because we are not prepared to die, but are we prepared to live?

Thanks to Cancer I am more mature, happier because I love myself more every day, more grateful to God for thousands of blessings and I faithfully believe that my gift of life has been life itself which I value and thank every second, my inner strength given by the divine energy of God allowed me to fight against death and come out happily victorious and proud of the battle won.

I share this thought with you to leave a positive message about life and how important it is to keep our mind and soul always positive even in those most critical moments of life.

RENACER is a collection created with love in a moment of pain but it has the energy, the smell and the color of happiness because it represents a new opportunity, light, beauty and harmony that perfectly identify the aesthetics of this collection and ANICY MANUGUIAN.

Thank you very much.

Claudia Anicy Manuguian.

“My collections include haute couture designs hand-woven with natural fibers such as baby alpaca or silk. This is the new conscious, non-disposable fashion. It is the new sustainable luxury.
Anicy Manuguian

Natural fibers

Baby Alpaca, raw cotton and viscose

All of designer Anicy Manuguian’s pret â pòrter and haute couture collections are handmade with selected natural fibers. Baby alpaca wool, with great elasticity and thermal power; pima cotton, more resistant and durable; and viscose rayon, a fiber appreciated for its softness, freshness and ecological properties.
We follow the line of conscious fashion.

Anicy Manuguian

Fashion designer

Claudia Anicy Manuguian specializes in Prèt a Porter with hand-woven pieces made with natural and sustainable fibers. Each unique piece is born from ancestral production techniques renewed to a contemporary design for the modern woman.