Our Bridal Line is based on the creation of unique and exclusive dresses made entirely by hand from the search for color, type of fabric, development technique, embroidery, shape, volume and design.

The design concept is based on a different proposal in which the handmade garment is worked giving the shape to the body, respecting the feminine and elegant generating a different proposal that evokes the Divas of yesteryear with sinuous shapes and delicate movements.

Our Brides reflect the purest essence of sustainable luxury where we show through ancestral weaving techniques developed by our most skilled artisans all the art and creativity so that each Bride is a work of art in itself.

Our materials are 100% natural and we respect the production process, valuing the development made by each artisan who puts his heart into each work.

We embroider by hand with delicate elegance in pearls, Swarovski crystals and the most precious stone applications that give our dresses and veils light and shine, highlighting every little detail of this wonderful work.

Our dresses are unique and unrepeatable. For each bride we develop a special proposal focused on her body type, her needs and tastes as well as the context that will surround her on her wedding day.