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Characteristics of sustainable luxury fashion

Sustainable luxury fashion is characterized by combining the exclusivity and quality of luxury products with a focus on environmental sustainability. Below, we share with you some of the main characteristics of sustainable luxury fashion:

1. Sustainable materials: sustainable luxury fashion uses high quality materials in the production of garments and accessories. This can include organic fabrics, vegan leather, natural silk and recycled materials.

Rayón Viscosa Vegetal

Rayón Viscosa Vegetal

For the manufacture of our garments, we use vegetable fiber Baby Alpaca, Pima Cotton and Vegetable Viscose Rayon

Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca


Algodón Pima

Algodón Pima

2. Ethical and responsible production: Sustainable luxury fashion is produced ethically and responsibly, and the environmental impact of production is minimized.

We have taken hand weaving to the development of haute couture garments such as our Haute Couture line, our Bridal line, Pret a porter and Resort wear summer line, where all the garment making and preparation is done in a sustainable way.  From the dyeing of the fiber, a process that is done by hand and in which the colors are fixed with salt and water at high temperatures, without using chemicals, to the production of the garments completely made and embroidered by hand.

3. Timeless and durable design: Sustainable luxury fashion is characterized by a timeless and durable design, the quality of our raw material is first class, the garments are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can last several seasons and are not subject to the obsolescence of fast fashion.

4. Transparency and traceability:  Sustainable luxury fashion brands are transparent about their production processes and materials used, allowing consumers to know the origin of both the raw materials and the manufacturing process.

5. Social and environmental responsibility: Sustainable luxury fashion has a focus on social and environmental responsibility, which means that brands are committed to minimizing their impact on the environment.  Our carbon footprint is very low and we focus on making products that are unique and unrepeatable so that every woman feels she is endorsing a piece of jewelry and not a piece of clothing and can perceive how valuable each product is, handmade which involves time and human effort in its realization, as well as manual genius and a lot of creativity.

In short, sustainable luxury fashion combines the quality and exclusivity of luxury fashion with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Sustainable luxury fashion brands strive to be transparent, ethical and responsible in their production processes, use sustainable materials.

Haute couture and sustainable luxury, are they compatible?

Yes, haute couture and sustainable luxury can be compatible if fashion production is approached in a responsible and sustainable manner. Traditionally, haute couture has been associated with luxury and exclusivity, with the use of high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. However, there has also been criticism regarding its environmental and social impact.

Today, high fashion and luxury designers are taking steps to address these criticisms and be more responsible in the production of their garments. Sustainable materials and ethical and responsible production processes are increasingly being used in high fashion and luxury. Some designers are creating garments with recycled materials, using natural dyeing techniques and reducing waste in production.

Our brand supports communities and weavers who preserve traditional weaving techniques, while others are working with organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their environmental impact.

In conclusion, high fashion and sustainable luxury are compatible if designers approach production in a responsible and sustainable way. Steps are being taken to address criticism and promote sustainability in high-end and exclusive fashion.

Sustainable luxury in fashion

Sustainable luxury in fashion refers to the production and consumption of high-quality garments and accessories that have been manufactured with sustainable materials and in a manner that is ethical and responsible to the environment and the people involved in their production.

To achieve sustainable luxury in fashion, brands must carefully consider every stage of the production process, from selecting sustainable and organic materials to reducing waste and carbon emissions during manufacturing.

In short, sustainable luxury in fashion involves a philosophy of production and consumption that seeks to minimize the environmental and social impact of fashion, while offering high-quality, durable products that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The current challenge of our brand is to make women feel feminine and sensual with our creations, without losing the approach of sophistication and elegance that characterizes the brand.

Our haute couture products seek to give that touch of glamour with a completely innovative and distinctive seal that proposes a gala dress in fabric on the basis of a production approach as if it were made of fabric, but it is made by hand in fabric because we follow the lines of the body and we shape it during the weaving process to reach a finished product that fits perfectly to the curves of the woman and highlights her femininity.

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