ANICY MANUGUIAN Spring - Summer 2014 is inspired by classic divas; Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich; women who showed their harmonious curves, soft shapes and wasp waists; women with personality and style who marked an era, displaying a naive coquetry, reminiscent of imposing and mysterious goddesses but at the same time feminine and delicate.

Nude colors, pastel oranges and pale pinks generate a mixture that generates feelings of peace and tranquility but also recalls the delicate elegance of past eras.

The shapes are created by knitting that wraps gently and with a delicate sensually around the female body, with simple and elegant lines. The stitching in RIB, JERSER and FANTASIA, combined with delicate embroidery of small flowers on collars and cleavages, give shape to the woman’s body, making this collection a visual experience in all its details. 100% natural materials such as Pima cotton, the best cotton worldwide, make this collection an exclusive product of a very high level.

The cloting is smooth and with shine. It has crochet details, embroidery and hand dyes done by craftsmen who have been learning their craft from generation to generation and who have been able to transfer this ancestral technique to modern design products.

ANICY MANUGUIAN knitwear collection is composed by a series of different types of products, which allow for a versatile, elegant and modern look and enhance the female figure. Jackets, coats, tops, shorts, dresses and skirts, give this collection a meaning of integral image which allows a complete outfit in knitwear.

ANICY MANUGUIAN Spring - Summer 2014 is defined by the words “modern glamour”, focusing on a dynamic and contemporary woman. Here, the lines are sophisticated and clean, therefore emphasizing a natural sensuality and transmitting the new concept of luxury for a modern and cosmopolitan woman who looks for products according to her personality and lifestyle.