FALL WINTER 2014-2015


The new Fall – Winter 2014-2015 ANICY MANUGUIAN collection is inspired in the reminiscence of the 1970`s, with colors and graphics in jacquard that gives a retro feel with long skirts and long coats. The style also gives the illusion of freedom and movement. Lines are pure and classic with a sophisticated detail in crochet that gives to the collection a complete sense of elegance and modernism.

The highest quality of baby alpaca fiber gives to the clothes the most luxurious quality in 100% natural fiber.

Baby Alpaca is soft, silky, durable, naturally elastic, water resistant and provides good insulation; it is 5 times more durable than wool and it is also hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin.

Baby Alpaca has a fiber content of 22.5 micrometers which makes it extremely thin and fine; the specific quality of baby Alpaca is due to the extreme fineness and length of micrometers in the fiber, not specifically for the size of the animal. ANICY MANUGUIAN production is Fair Trade certified, supporting low-income families who hand detail these amazing Alpaca treasures.